Let us introduce ourselves

Bold Electric are a team of fully licensed, highly skilled residential, commercial and industrial electricians. We have the experience, know-how, and size to complete any job to the high standards we drive amongst ourselves. Our intention is to consistently deliver exceptional service using the most innovative and environmentally friendly practices.

We want to create the easiest and most comfortable customer service experience for our clients.

The future of Bold Electric is bright.

How it all came to be...

Amorea Designs Ltd was created in 2003. The company concept was to offer multiple services to our clients. Everything from electrical contracting services to building, renovating and design work. The company went through different stages of growth and development over the years. We grew to a company of 16 with employees in 2 separate divisions, the renovation and construction division and the electrical division. Our concept was and still is offering our clients exceptional service with professional results. We devote little energy to marketing as the majority of our work is from returning clients and word of mouth referrals.

In 2015 we re-branded the electrical division to become more identifiable in the market place. We wanted to create our own electrical identity so we could grow in the electrical contracting direction. We have a vision of becoming the best sub contractor and electrical services provider in Canada through the very best customer service practices.


We are the best electrical contractor in Canada because we build the best relationships and ensure the best results.

We are the expert choice.


We believe in humility and honesty.
We take pride in our work.
We listen to build strong relationships.
We build an engaged workforce.
We pursue excellence.


Embedded in Bold Electric’s philosophy is a passion for anticipating and exceeding clients’ needs. We guarantee that people who entrust their project to us will be heard, respected and satisfied. We set ourselves apart by offering BOLD ADVANTAGES™ that drive us to offer our clients professional results and fanatical attention to detail.