Start saving on your power bill and invest in green technology.

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The team at Bold Electric are always looking for better, cleaner and greener technologies and practices to implement into our business. With this enthusiasm to continually improve we have an exciting renewable energy department that is now servicing solar and wind generation demands. We believe in the vital need for all of our residential, commercial and industrial customers to consider going green when it is achievable and evolve with us in this ever changing direction. We are partnered with some great suppliers who work in tandem with Bold Electric to design, price and plan energy infrastructure change outs. To find out how you can go green, contact Bold Electric today.

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Whether it is new solar panels to the roof of your house or the roof of your commercial building, we can help with your installation and start offsetting your electrical metering charges as soon as possible. Off grid solar installations are also a new demand in the industry!

We are excited to work our customers and activate your plan to go green.